Norwik Power Machinery Co. Ltd is specialized in casting iron pump products since year 2004. We are located in Jiangsu province China and our own factory is in Suzhou, while our commercial office is situated in Italy.
Norwik Power has been researching, developing and producing casting iron pumps for more than 10 years. Our pumps can be assembled with diesel or gasoline engines and electric motors. Now we are becoming one of the main players in Chinese market and also accumulating very positive cooperation experience with European and American clients.
Norwik Power casting iron pumps, with their high lift and large flow, have a wide range of uses:
-Forest irrigation
-Water supply in the mountains
-Fire fighting
-Flood control
-Drought resistance

We do believe that quality, service and hard work are our main drivers, this is why Norwik Power main target is to satisfy each customer and growing with them.


TEL: 0512-65771696 0512-67085002 FAX: 0512-65624637 E-MAIL:
ADDRESS: 6th FL,HuiKangXin Di Commercial Building,North DongWu Road, SuZhou,China